30 June 2011


01 December 2009

Sunrise @Camerons

Was in Camerons for a short break in April '09 with my friends. Woke up at 545, for a drive up Gunung Brinchang to catch the sunrise.

Was cold as hell and I was shivering right to the core, but as cliched as it seems, it was all worth it the moment the moment the rays pierced the cloud.

Loved the view up there.

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11 May 2009

Pandan Leaves


05 February 2009


Robb and Firdauz. Patience appreciated.


13 July 2008

E 280

Somehow, '280' doesn't stop the little 066s from sticking their noses right up my arse.


28 June 2008

Quiksilver Revolution 2.0

Sunway Surf Beach


09 May 2008

Melissa Campbell 2

14 March 2008

Melissa Campbell

11 March 2008


Did a short shoot in collaboration with Joy Chong and Chung Lern. Absolutely wonderful people to work with.

Eyes belong to Melissa Campbell.

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14 February 2008

Chinese Portrait

We wore traditional Chinese clothing this Chinese New Year.

Seemed appropriate to have an old school portrait where everyone's standing stiff and unsmiling.

Holga processing (with 645 crop) a compliment to the Chinese New Year atmosphere.


07 February 2008

Asahi Pentax m42 Mount 135/3.5

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19 January 2008


Lost in his nicotine fuelled bliss.

Ricoh 500G
Fuji Superia 200
1/250, f/16

The fun part about shooting film on a holiday is that you'll never remember what did you shoot, thus the anticipation is analogous to a kid on Christmas morning.

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Dear, Light's Red

Watch it honey!

Ricoh 500G
Fuji Superia 200
1/250, f/16.

The fun thing about shooting film is that you don't remember what have you shot, so you feel like a kid on Christmas morning when you get your negatives/scans back.

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07 January 2008

Rich Girl

In retrospect I should have paid more attention to the composition of the picture (i.e. cropped door). In my defense, I was paying attention to Joo Lee's expression, which was difficult to get as she kept smiling.

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I broke the rule of turds on purpose as it was getting boring framing things that way.


15 December 2007

House of Cards

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19 November 2007


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28 October 2007

Rage: Nuffnang

Published 14th June 2007.

Failure on my part to edit the camera settings resulted in the pictures being credited to the previous owner of the camera.

Related post: Team Nuffnang


11 September 2007

The Bride

Make-up session.


05 September 2007

Summer Palace


Lake wasn't frozen enough for us to walk on it.

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Old Calligrapher


Jingshan Park

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02 September 2007


Sparks for Laughter

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14 August 2007


Laid down earlier by Yours Truly in a 735i with no ABS.

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01 June 2007

Team Nuffnang

Used by Marketing Interactive and Xiaxue.

Also used in Guang Ming Daily, Business Section, 25th May, 2007.

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16 May 2007


Vendor selling siew mais, char siew paus and other steamed dumplings etc.

One of my fastest shoots ever, bursting off 15 frames in 5 minutes. Set up and all within that period.

It was quite uncomfortable shooting at a pasar malam because there would be comments of how famous he was et cetera. It interrupts your flow of work.

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04 May 2007

Jin Seon

Jamming with Sparks for Laughter.

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18 April 2007

Rage: Waiter's Rant

Published on 13th March 2007. Click for full sized picture. Very large file.

They removed all my semi-colons though.


Rage: Beijing

Published on 16th March 2007. Click for full sized picture. Very large file.


30 March 2007


One of my favourites. Back then I was still using my trusty PnS, not that it's a bad thing. Photoshop was not used back then as well.


05 December 2006

Don't Shoot Me

USM's focusing speed is blazingly fast.


18 November 2006

Guitar Shredder

Hitz.TV Birthday Bash, 4th November 2006

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11 November 2006

Anonymous Rocker

Hitz.TV Birthday Bash, 4th November 2006

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